Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

As part of the community in which it operates, Farmalogist is aware of the importance of and the need for an impact on improving general social conditions, promoting the right values and investing part of the profits into the community. To us, the most important segments of socially responsible business are the relationship with the community, with our employees, their safety and health at work, as well as the attitude towards the environment.

1. Towards the community – Social corporate responsibility

Farmalogist allocates a large part of the total funds intended for social responsibility activities to help vulnerable social groups, support them through various projects for patient organizations, and to promote knowledge and sports.

  • Farmalogist and all its employees gladly joined the global campaign “Plug for Handicap” to assist in the procurement of orthopedic aids for socially vulnerable citizens who need them.
  • With the aim to help sick children and enable them treatment in the country or abroad, Farmalogist supports initiatives, participates in fundraising and donates funds necessary for treatment.
  • Farmalogist, at the request of medical institutions, was willing to meet the needs of certain patients and enable them treatment with very specific, rare and expensive unregistered drugs. Farmalogist conducted the whole process from the import to realization, and covered all costs.
  • In order to improve the quality of health services, Farmalogist has helped with certain donations to improve the working conditions at the primary level health care as well as in the institutions of tertiary level health care.
  • With the desire to help the community and those who need help the most, Farmalogist took part in preparing packages with a selected range of products for migrants during their stay in our country.
  • Farmalogist actively cooperates with patient organizations and provides generous support by organizing training, promoting associations and raising awareness in the community through the journal “Live up to 100”, as well as through donations of money and goods. (Blue Circle – World Diabetes Day; ILCO – Eakin donation program for patients with a stoma;…)
  • Farmalogist donated funds for the restoration of the entire inventory of pharmacies in the areas affected by the flood of 2014 in order to enable faster stabilization of those pharmacies, which are our business partners, and supply patients with drugs.
  • In order to promote sport and healthy lifestyle, Farmalogist supported the organization of the European Water Polo Championship held from 10 to 23 January 2016 in Belgrade. Serbian national team became the European champion in 2016, won the World Cup and the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio.
  • Farmalogist has helped to publish a number of professional publications of the Faculty of Pharmacy; and through the organization of continuous medical training, it has enabled free education and collection of points required for the renewal of licenses for health workers, which affects the increase in the quality of health services in general. To this day, more than 100 000 certificates have been issued.
  • With the donation of carefully selected products from its range to ”Belgrade Baby Club”, Farmalogist actively participates in the intent of the City that every baby born in Belgrade and its mother receive a gift package of high quality. “Belgrade Baby Club” started on 1 January 2011; around 1200 packages are given monthly, and to this day, more than 100 000 baby packages have been distributed.
  • Farmalogist supports the work of the Hilandar Medical Society through the donations of drugs and medical supplies necessary for the first aid on the metochion Kakovo of the Hilandar.
  • Farmalogist has donated equipment for the informatics cabinet to the elementary school “Jovan Grčić Milenko” from Beočin, which enables work at full capacity. The donation included the video screen, mouse devices, keyboards, as well as important software support.

2. Towards the employees

Human resources management is based on clear and simple principles of cooperation, teamwork, mutual recognition and confidence. We at Farmalogist believe that successful people at all levels and positions make a successful company; therefore we take care of the employees, the quality of our products and services in the same way. As a company that employs more than 500 people, we pay special attention to building a unique corporate culture that respects diversity and promotes cooperation among all sectors. The investment of the company in the field of personal development of the employees contributes to fostering loyalty and to their motivation, so we strive to provide our employees with a healthy and inspiring working environment, encouraging the development of their potential and the improvement of their knowledge and skills.

We show that we care about our employees by offering them: the opportunity to use the gym and sports facilities, certain benefits in purchasing, team building activities, weekend trips and special prizes for the best workers.

By creating a healthy and encouraging working environment for our employees, we want to give more than a job; therefore, many programs developed within the system are dedicated to the development of human resources and careers in the company, which is why we are proud of the fact that the majority of management positions have advanced from the lower position in the company.

  • A number of activities is focused on the development of employees, their education and training in order to maintain the high quality standards of products and services, and the application of the latest technology. We are aware that acquiring new knowledge and skills is a prerequisite for success, so we help our employees to participate in various conferences and seminars. In addition, we have organized an English course, which gave all the employees the possibility to acquire the basic or improve the existing knowledge of the language.
  • Management by objectives and stimulating reward system – In addition to developing people and careers, we pay special attention to the development of personal business plans as the basis on which the system of management by objectives is established; in this system, every employee has their own personal goals and stimulating rewards accordingly. Also, in a company with so many employees, we especially reward loyalty, so there is an anniversary award for every employee working in Farmalogist for over 10 years.
  • Farmalogist has received recognition for winning the third place for the best selection process of candidates for a job within the project ”Rate your path to employment 2014.”, the choice of the visitors of
  • Through Team building activities, we want to enable employees to meet each other, improve communication and cooperation, the relations within the teams and sectors, to get to know the company better and its goals, thus creating a positive and pleasant working environment for all employees. The mini football tournament brought together not only the fans of the sport but also those less enthusiastic about it. Family gathering, competitive spirit and above all fair play made this event one of the favorites among employees.
  • Guided by the old “Healthy body, healthy mind” and trying to meet everyone’s needs, we have given our employees the opportunity to use the services of the recreation center which includes a gym, pilates, aerobics and spa.
  • We also think of our youngest, so each year, we traditionally give New Year presents to the children of our employeers.
  • Employment structure – of the total number of employees in the headquarters, 48% are women, while the ratio of men to women at the company is 35% – 65%. Almost half the total number of the employees are young people under 35 years of age (43%), those between 35 and 45 years of age make up 36% of the employees, 21% are the employees older than 45, while there are 3 persons with disabilities permanently employed.

3. Environmental Protection

  • Environmental protection is an integral part of the daily operations of Farmalogist.
  • The Environmental Management System in Farmalogist is designed to ensure compliance with the current legislation and continuous monitoring and improving the performance of the company in this area.
  • As part of the Farmalogist’s business, different types of waste are generated. In this regard, the company has set a clear goal to develop the concept of responsible and efficient waste management. In accordance with the principles of responsible business, Farmalogist is committed to the rational use of natural resources, and it encourages the reuse and recycling of products in order to reduce environmental pollution and degradation of space.

4. Safety and Health at Work

  • Farmalogist pays much attention to planning a safe working environment for its employees in all its facilities. The act on risk assessment in the workplace and in the working environment identifies all risks and hazards, and it is regularly updated and improved. Working environment conditions are regularly tested, the work equipment used by our employees is safe and regularly checked and inspected.
  • All our facilities are equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, most advanced fire detection and fire fighting systems, and the exercises in which the employees learn about the dangers of fire and its consequences are regularly carried out.
  • All employees are trained in safe work at their workplace, and in the realization of work activities, they use the most modern safety equipment and personal protective equipment, which has led to the number of working hours lost due to occupational injuries being reduced to minimum.
  • Farmalogist has certified the successful work in the areas of health and safety at work, as well as in environmental protection, with the quality standards OHSAS 18001 and EMS 14001.
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