As a result of the tendency of our business partners to outsource logistics processes more often in order to reduce the costs of their business operations, Farmalogist recognized the opportunity to offer its logistical resources as a service. Within the logistics services that Farmalogist provides to its suppliers, there is transport of medicines, medical devices, medical supplies, etc. to pharmacies, hospitals, clinical centers and other health institutions.

Farmalogist has 69 delivery vehicles available that conduct daily delivery by the already established routes on the whole territory of Serbia. All vehicles are equipped to ensure that the goods are transported to the place of delivery without change in quality and fulfilling all requirements in terms of storage conditions.

Highly developed network of capillary delivery of goods to end customers, experienced dispatchers and drivers, software support and adequate fleet guarantee the delivery of high quality goods determined by the inquiry/offer.

The vehicles which Farmalogist uses as a provider of services for third parties, to carry out an expedition of goods to end customers are registered for public transport, and in accordance with specific requirements in terms of providing adequate conditions for the transport of goods. We have vehicles equipped with thermal insulation and equipment for temperature controlling and monitoring in cargo space, installed in accordance with the results of the mapping and qualifications, as well as the IC temperature printers to print temperature sheets at the goods delivery place.

Duško Avramovski
Deputy Logistics Director for Warehousing and Transportation

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