Recognizing the need of pharmacists and physicians for getting timely and useful information in the field of medicine and pharmacy, as well as on the products themselves and on current events in the field of regulation and pharmacopolicy, we launched the project ”Live up to 100” in 2009 – printed editions, the magazine and the insertion, which are published three times a year and distributed free of charge.

Each issue of the “Live up to 100” edition was more successful than the previous one, of higher quality and more read, so now we count 7 years of existence, 23 successful editions and more than 7 million copies. Up-to-date, informative and modern, “Live up to 100” has always been the focus of both professional and general public.

The magazine “Live up to 100” is designed for the professional community, and with a circulation of 10,000 copies, it is published 3 times a year. Through the developed distribution network of Farmalogist, the magazine is delivered to pharmacies, health centers, institutes and clinical centers throughout Serbia free of charge, and it is inevitably read in almost all professional meetings. Throughout the magazine issues, we follow local, regional and global trends and news in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, as well as legislation and information relevant to the health sector.

The insertation “Live up to 100” is for the general public, and with a circulation of 250,000 copies, it is published 3 times a year. The entire circulation is distributed through the distribution network of Farmalogist to those places where patients come for advice and recommendation – to pharmacies, clinics and health centers, where it becomes available to the end consumer. Through the insertations, we inform the general public about products and services which contribute to the preservation and improvement of health conditions as well as about possibilities for solving seasonal problems with expert advice.

The editorial board of the magazine and insertation “Live up to 100” consists of professional and curious people who love to write, with extensive experience in the field of pharmacy, medicine and journalism, which is supported by lawyers, economists, designers and associates. By combining knowledge from different fields, this team manages to create modern and high-quality editions, while the professional and general public that follows them is becoming more numerous.

Let the products and services of your successful companies be part of our publications!

The editorial board of the magazine and insertation “Live up to 100”

Price list of advertising space for the magazine “Live up to 100”

Price list of advertising space for the insertation “Live up to 100”

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