Marketing concept based on the active promotion and direct sale of products from the range, and by professional and commercial associates

  • Active promotion – presentation of product information from a range of selective sales
  • Direct sales – presentation of commercial offers and collection of orders

By collecting orders from the pharmacies on the field, a professional and commercial associate creates an order in the Farmalogist’s ERP system via the Internet.

Placing your product in the selective sale’s range means its constant presence on the field – through visits of professional and commercial associates to pharmacies.

11 professional and commercial associates are placed in the regions in the following manner:

  • Belgrade – 4 associates
  • Kraljevo – 3 associates
  • Niš – 2 associates
  • Novi Sad – 2 associates

Every associate is required to visit 12 pharmacies daily and 60 pharmacies weekly.

Pharmacies of A category are visited 2-4 times a month, pharmacies of B category 2 times a month, while pharmacies of C category are visited 1-3 times in 45 days.

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